The View Point

"If I could have breakfast with that view every day, I would!  The food is as good as the view - EXCELLENT!  Thanks!"  A. Rouse, Director of San Ramon, CA

March, 2017 Newsletter  

February was a month of reconstruction. We had lots of snow and rain that led to damage on the golf course, the patio, the snack bar, and the golf shop. We have been rebuilding and repairing to the point where everything will be better than ever. We are excited to showcase our newly decorated golf shop with all the latest merchandise. We also look forward to having all 18 holes open soon. Our grounds crew has been working daily to clean up the mess the storms have left so far this year. We take great pride in Mount Shasta Resort and hope to offer our members and loyal customers the best possible experience they can imagine. Our next big golf event will be the “Master’s Sweeps” on Saturday April 8th. Be sure to call the golf shop and reserve your tee time for that day.


Golf Etiquette 

Þ  Respect for the course – leave the course as you would like to find it by repairing pitch-marks on the greens, replacing divots in the fairways, and raking bunkers properly.
Þ  Respect for your fellow players – be sportsmanlike and polite, stay by the green to watch them hole out, and avoid distracting them.
Þ  Maintain a good pace of play by keeping up with the group ahead.
Þ  Keep your temper under control.
Þ  Proper golf cart etiquette is essential. Stay on the cart path whenever you are near a tee or green.
Þ  Always try to look your best. We often hear we should dress for success even on the golf course.
Þ  Keep cell phones turned off.
Þ  Help your fellow players locate a lost ball by following every errant shot the best you can.
Þ  Golf has a way of returning favors and every piece of good golf etiquette you practice will be repaid tenfold.

Golf Rules

Learn the rules of golf from the U.S.G.A., not from your buddies. If a rules question needs          answering, come to the golf shop and our staff will do everything possible to find the correct answer.



Tips From The Old Pro

The off season is a good time for seniors to get back some flexibility through stretching. It’s very important to be able to turn your hips through impact for straight, powerful shots. A good exercise is to start with your feet shoulder width apart, cross your arms across your chest, and simply turn your back to your target. After a few seconds, slowly turn toward your target so your belt buckle faces the target. Repeat this move several times and notice how your flexibility begins to improve. We have also found some great videos on You Tube that focus on Yoga for golf. You will notice a difference in a very short time.
Here is a short game tip we can all benefit from. Paul Runyon developed this technique many years ago. When near the green, approach your chip shot similar to a putt. Use your regular putting grip and stance, set your #7 iron on its toe with the shaft vertical, and make your putting stroke. The top line of your iron should be perpendicular to your target line. Try this and see how it works for you.
In addition, this technique will enable you to hit the shortest chip possible, instead of trying to lob the ball all the way to the hole.

A Message From The G.M.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this outrageous winter.  The staff is working hard to create improved course conditions as we enter our 23rd playing season.  More than 30 large trees have been cut down to open the playability of holes.  We are finishing our bunker renovations and will be adding a   dedicated bunker maintenance worker this playing season. 
Our par 3 tee boxes will be getting a facelift with the removal of crowning, followed by over-seeding.  A new greens maintenance plan is being put into effect, complete with fertilizer, chemicals, and tools to  address the needs of our 24-year-old greens.  In addition, we are introducing improved weekend     maintenance service to the course, to ensure our course is in the best physical shape in can be, 7 days a week. 
The storms created some damage, but we are turning that into our advantage.  The golf shop has been    repaired, updated, and will be fully stocked with merchandise by the end of April.  The snack bar is getting a huge makeover, again thanks to mother nature.  And finally, be ready to enjoy our new outdoor patio, opening May 1st.  Always a great place to enjoy good food, good friends and world class views.

Golfer Of The Month

Brad Fortna has been a member of Mount Shasta Resort since 1993. He maintains a solid 15 handicap and plays here about once every week. We have played golf with Brad and can verify that he is a long hitter with his driver. He does miss a fairway now and then, but his short game is his equalizer. We have seen him get it up and down from some unusual places, so he must also be a good putter.
Brad claims his best score here at MSR is a 78, but we know he can do much better. His favorite hole is number 2 because he made his only “Hole-in-One” on that par three. He also enjoys number 18 because it is a potential birdie each time he plays it.
Brad has a tough time with holes 9, 10, 11, and 12. They are all good par fours and require a golfer’s full attention. We think Brad could get down to a single digit handicap, but he will have to retire and play more than once a week.



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