The View Point

"If I could have breakfast with that view every day, I would!  The food is as good as the view - EXCELLENT!  Thanks!"  A. Rouse, Director of San Ramon, CA

January, 2018 Newsletter  

Happy New Year to all our members and guests. Wow, what a beautiful month December turned out to be.  Most of our resort guests came up to ski and decided to golf instead. The course has been in good shape, even though it is somewhat frozen.  Golfers get plenty of distance on their tee shots as well as approach shots to the greens.
You should have received a letter from the General Manager last month.  I have included page one of the updated member agreement, so you can see the changes to benefits and policies.
The biggest change is that we are going back to a 9-month billing cycle, so no dues for January, February and March!  The golf shop will be closed and only preventative course maintenance provided.  For our “die-hard” golfers, we will allow walk-ons for $20; however, be sure to call the front desk (at 926-3030) first, to make sure the course is playable.
Our new cart fleet of Club Cars will rent for $18.00 (non-member) and $15.00 (members).  Annual cart passes for 2018 will be $565.00 (single) and $865.00 (family).  Monthly dues will be $145.00 (single) and $185.00 (family).
2018 reciprocal rates :
Tierra Oaks in Redding            $30.00             Boulder Creek in Santa Cruz                  $35.00
Riverview in Redding              $40.00             Lake Shastina in Weed                            $35.00
Wilcox Oaks in Red Bluff       $40.00

My next newsletter will be sent with your April statement. 
Happy New Year and have a wonderful winter!

The Ice Man

Charles Corrales has been a member here at The Resort for the last five years and usually has a great attitude on the golf course, except when his putt won’t fall due to ice in the cup. This happened recently on the sixteenth green and his playing partners found it humorous. They probably conceded the putt anyway. We have no idea if it was for a par or birdie. Someone told us later it was for bogie.
We have had frozen conditions the whole month of December, which makes for more challenges than normal. Golf is already a challenging game, and the cold snap has caused our golfers to use more creativity to play the course. Tee shots that hit the fairway will roll forever, and approach shots that hit the green, usually bounce high and way beyond he green. Strategy is a key element in golf, especially in the winter. 


Sip and Shop Success

All of our members who attended our gathering on December 15th really enjoyed the activity. Special thanks to Anne Rivera for all the wine and appetizers. John Rutherford poured lots of wine and Ben Alexander helped with sales throughout the evening. Almost everyone took home a raffle prize. The grand prize was a very nice Bridgestone golf bag, won by Craig Hanna.
We sold an array of merchandise, at a nice discount. This was our end of year inventory clearance and we declared it a big success. 


Tips From The Old Pro

When you’re playing golf in the cold, you have a tendency to swing too fast. Combine that with the fact that you are restricted with all the clothes you have on, you’ll tend to swing more with your arms only. This results in a faster, and choppy swing and creates less power. That’s a bad formula for seniors who are already less flexible. The key is to try to make a swing that feels like slow motion. It won’t ever be as slow as you think, but this swing will give your upper torso time to turn more fully on the backswing. This will allow you to use your torso to turn smoothly through the impact zone, so you can achieve maximum power. This move is totally against your instinct to hit the ball hard, so try it on the range first. You will be pleasantly surprised how much better you strike the ball with this proven method. Turn your back to the target, then turn your tummy to the target as smooth as you can.

Rules and Etiquette

No one ever wants to hit into the group in front of you. It’s a major breach of golf etiquette and a major safety issue. If you have any doubt if players are out of range, then you should wait. It is sometimes hard to judge how far away a group is, and also how far your drive may travel when the ground is frozen. You should always check to make sure that all members of the group ahead of you are out of range. You wouldn’t want someone to hit into you, now would you?



Resort Guest Caught a Trophy!

Jarid Norberg came down from Grants Pass and stayed with his family at Mount Shasta Resort. They went fishing here at Lake Siskiyou and landed a nice seven pound rainbow on December 28th. Jarid hooked the trophy rainbow with a spinner of some kind and took home some great memories. Earlier in the week he played golf with his family and enjoyed that, as well. That’s one thing about Mount Shasta Resort, you never run out of interesting and exciting things to do. The whole family tried their hand at tennis the next day and returned to the golf shop with big smiles on their faces. Happy New Year to the Norberg Family. See you again soon. 




Play golf at Mount Shasta Resort and bring your camera