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Meet Jim and Bonnie

  Jim and Bonnie have been members of MSR since 2008 and they try to play at least twice a week. They are often color coordinated and we never see them without a smile. They moved to Mount Shasta from Visalia and they have adjusted to the slower lifestyle here quite well. They always seem to play in our club events, so we expect to see them in our Master's Sweeps on April 11th. Jim carries a 13 handicap and Bonnie sports a great attitude. They don't always agree on everything. For example, Jim likes hole #7 and Bonnie won't talk about it. Jim is a fairly long hitter, while Bonnie is a clever putter. They make a great team both on and off the golf course.







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The View Point

"If I could have breakfast with that view every day, I would!  The food is as good as the view - EXCELLENT!  Thanks!"  A. Rouse, Director of San Ramon, CA

April, 2015 Newsletter  


   March was a great month for golf. We had to deal with frost delays as usual, but most days became sunny and warm. A number of our members saw their handicap improve in March, but that made it more difficult to win a “skin” during our weekend competition. Some our most improved players are Dave Trevisan, Dave Turk, Scott Waite, Dave Cazneaux, and Charles Corrales.
April should be good for golf as well. The “Master's Sweeps” is scheduled for Saturday the 11th. Reserve your tee times early and get the best pick.
The entry fee is $20.00 and will include KP's on all the par three's as well as your chance to partner up with one of the P.G.A. Tour Players. Your net score on Saturday will be combined with your Pro Partner's weekend total. This annual event is always very popular and the more players the better.
Our greens are due to be aerated again on April 13th and 14th. The sanded greens cause some golfers to miss putts and other golfers to make more than ever. Remember, golf is always a challenge no matter what the conditions may be, and we all face the same conditions.
Our Member Appreciation Day Tournament is scheduled for Sunday June 7.
Sign up early for the 9am shotgun start. The format is a four player scramble followed by a nice buffet. Last year's winners included Steve and Jackie Craft. Since this will be just a fun day of golf, there will be no entry fee. We will have some tee prizes and awards for KP's.
Mother's Day is May 10th and the annual brunch is always something to enjoy. We will see some of our members getting ready for another skins game. Guy Crispi, Danny Hansen, John Gut, Dave Turk, Scott Waite, and John Redmond are among the many that challenge the elements, as well as the golf course. You really don’t have to be good to win a skin, but it helps to be lucky. 

Tip of the Month

  If you read all the popular golf magazines, you will find some very helpful tips on the golf swing. Sometimes a tip will help you permanently and sometimes only temporarily. Golf is a wonderful game to learn and the learning never ends. Spending hours on the practice range is only helpful if you are practicing the right fundamentals. You could hit 500 range balls a day and just groove a bad swing. Some golfers practice very little and play the game quite well. The key is to enjoy the activity and you will improve. Lee Trevino had to practice for hours. He was famous for telling someone that if he went one day without practicing, he could see it in his game. If he went two days without practicing, everyone could see it. He also told someone that if he shot under par, he was playing, and if he shot over par, he was just practicing. So, get out and “practice” as much as you can and do it with friends if you wish. Most of all, have fun! 


Sacred Mountain Spa

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Meet "Nobu"

    Nobuaki Yamamoto is our new Golf Shop Assistant and we are so happy to have him on our staff. Our former assistant, Will Stromberg, became the Head Golf Professional at Lake Shastina last August and we have missed him dearly. “Nobu” will be a great addition to our Golf Shop Staff. He moved to Mount Shasta from Las Vegas and brought with him years of experience in customer service. He was in the travel industry for many years and has a very pleasant demeanor when meeting, greeting, and providing services to our members and guests. He is also a very good golfer and has already won a bag tag that says, “I beat the Pro at Mt. Shasta Resort.” He even participated in our weekend skins game recently and earned the respect of some very good players.
“Nobu” is a very nice man and has already become a popular member of our golf shop team. He was a little nervous in the beginning, but has gained confidence each day. Remembering the names of our members is certainly a challenge and he has done very well with that. Working alongside the Head Pro is also a challenge and he is learning to tolerate the Pro’s sense of humor. The golf shop staff works from “sun up” to “sundown” seven days a week to service our members and guests. We try to make everyone happy, and we know what a challenge that can be. Come by the golf shop and meet “Nobu.” You will see for yourselef what a pleasant addition he is to our staff.



Golf Trivia

 If you choose to walk rather than ride 18 holes, you will not only walk at least four miles, but also burn 2,000 calories. If you choose to ride a cart while playing 18 holes, you will burn about 1,300 calories.
The odds of making a hole in one on a par three is 12,000 to one. The odds of making a hole in one on a par five is phenomenal, and there have been five “condor’s” recorded in the history of golf.

Play golf at Mount Shasta Resort and bring your camera.